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Supporting the Chiltern Society

26th March 2021

Click here to visit our dedicated donation page.

As the 3rd edition of the Chiltern Ridge Ultra Trail draws ever closer, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with the Chiltern Society - A charity dedicated to conserving, celebrating and caring for the Chilterns.

The beautiful trails that runners follow throughout our race are, in part, the consequence of the hard work and passion the Chiltern Society provides to the area and for this, we are very grateful.

It’s estimated that over the past half-century they have contributed well over 2 million hours of volunteering effort, of which a large part of this goes towards creating and maintaining the very footpaths used in the race.

This year we are beginning to contribute to their cause, with £1 from every runner’s entrant fee being donated to the society. Although only a small gesture, we hope this is the start of a partnership that can help generate a meaningful contribution over the years.

We have a dedicated page for those who would like to join us in helping the charity care for the countryside by giving a donation. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated and will help protect the Chilterns.

For those that live local to the race and are most likely regularly running and training on Chiltern Society sites and footpaths, we would also urge you to consider becoming a member, at £30/year it is something that helps make a real difference.

There will be a Chiltern Society stand at the finish line on race day, so come over and say hello.

Useful information

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